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portable etching presses Model RP12

Portable Etchhing Press Portale Etching Press Portale Etching Press

quoteJust a quick thank you for my portable press!

It has been wonderfully easy to use for both my solar etching plates and linocut prints! I have used it in Caulfield, and taken her to our beach house in Tootgarook! She is perfect in both places! 

I saw it in your ad in Imprint. It was perfect timing as I had been going backwards and forwards about getting a press, a big one, a little one... and the ones I had seen previously were too heavy for me to consider as portable. When I checked your website, I loved the photo of the lady carrying the press out of her car!

Anyway, back to the main point... I am super happy to have Violet in my studios! It also means I can print whenever I like, without needing to worry about the madness going on in the world! Thank you so much!
March 2020

quoteI am delighted with my RP12 which I purchased online, with Enjay Presses organising its delivery to NZ. Neil’s communication was great, and his thorough explanation made the process of sorting NZ Customs requirements straight forward and hassle-free. The press is easy to lift into the car to take anywhere you need to, making it ideal for workshops and art group use.
New Zealand, January 2022

RP12 Etching Presses

  • Bedplate 320mm x 600mm
  • Rollers Ø60 mm
  • Crank 250mm throw
  • Portable at only 12kg
  • Industrial quality paint and with stainless steel covers
  • Electroplated rollers – no rusting
  • High pressure composite bedplate - strong, light and safe
  • Australian designed and made

A portable etching press to move you!

Look no further for a genuinely robust and portable etching press. The RP12 is so compact and light it easily fits into cars, or packs away on your shelf. As part of the design, portability is made even easier with its built-in lifting bar.

Our press is robust, safe, and exceptionally smooth with direct drive and a comfortable crank handle. The large high pressure composite bedplate at 320mm x 560mm is long lasting and safer than steel. Making the printing of relief or intaglio effortless.

Producing a body of work with the RP12, it will glide through the robust 60mm diameter electroplated rollers. Clever manufacturing of the unit has provided no hidden finger trap points, fitted bed stops, making this a perfectly safe etching press.

How big can you print?
Relief with runners: Paper width 240mm
Intaglio: Paper width 297mm

We deliver anywhere in the world via Pack & Send (box 62x47x47cm x 17kg). Collect from their depot or have your RP12 delivered to your door. Talk to our sales team for a quotation.

Table mounting  Bedplate 32cm x 56cm  Press main part 12Kg
Rollers are 60mm diameter with sealed ball bearings.


  • RP12 etching press A3 format Portable UK: £?*
  • Felts kit comprising 1 x A grade & 2 x B grade UK: £?
  • Relief printing runners 3mm kit UK: £?
  • Prices are subject to confirmation at time of ordering




About enjay etching presses, UK

We have been making etching presses for 50 years and are the leading supplier to Australian printmakers. Our presses are known for:

  • excellent printing performance
  • safety
  • ease of installation
  • value

Neil JefferyBecause many Australian printmakers are very remote from our workshop [5000 miles by road in some cases] and because many presses are installed in private studios, it is essential the presses be light for transport and easy to install. These requirements have been successfully addressed by our design efforts in the last 20 years.

Neil Jeffery is a professional mechanical designer with experience in power transformers, dust collectors and roller die cutting presses. He has developed etching press designs for 50 years, using contemporary materials and manufacturing methods.

Other press sizes:
Our models range from 18” to 34”. The sizes suit the paper formats most used by educational institutions and printmakers.

Please visit our Australian website, enjaypresses.com.au. to view whole range.


How we ship and deliver Enjay etching presses to UK

The international transport organizations we use are Pack & Send International and TNT International. The price we quote delivers the press to the business address you nominate in the United Kingdom with all costs covered: including packing, air transport, duty, VAT/GST and insurance. The quoted price will only be varied if the currency conversion rate changes by more than 5% from £0.55/AU$1.00 or S$1.00/ AU$1.00 after the press is ordered.

Shipment happens about 3 weeks following receipt of your order and payment, subject to stock availability. The projected shipment date will be advised in our written quotation.

You can trust Enjay Etching Presses

We have an unblemished record of honesty and competence. You can check this by contacting any of these printmakers. These contact people are not employees or shareholders of Enjay Presses P/L. Rather, as professional printmakers of renown in Australia, they have endorsed our products and our reputation by associating their names with us. They all have independent websites.

To order your etching press

Request a written quotation. Our quotation will explain the step-by-step procedures.

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