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Etching presses, available UK and Singapore

24" etching press, made in Australia
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etching presses Model RP24G
A1 Format 60 x 84 cm

RP24 Etching Presses

Prices include all costs*

model RPG24G
UK: £4,431
/ Singapore: S$6,370
A geared drive press particularly suited to rigorous intaglio printing
includes cabinet & castors. Delivered to your door in UK or Singapore in 3 packages

model RP24D
UK: £3,949 / Singapore: S$5,120
A direct drive press suited to relief and lighter intaglio printing
includes cabinet & castors. Delivered to your door in UK or Singapore in 3 packages

Presses for bench mounting without cabinet and castors: above prices less £195 / S$334

*If the currency conversion rate changes by more than 5% from £0.55/AU$1.00 or S$1.00/ AU$1.00 the final price will adjust accordingly.

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About enjay etching presses, UK & Singapore

We have been making etching presses for 50 years and are the leading supplier to Australian printmakers. Our presses are known for:

  • excellent printing performance
  • safety
  • ease of installation
  • value

RP24 features:
A1 paper format 60x84cm
Bedplate 24.5”x 45”
Upper roller Ø5.5”
Lower roller Ø4.5”
Rimmed wheel Ø37”
Drive is geared on RP24G and direct on RP24D
Main assembly 145lbs/66kg (excludes bedplate, wheel and cabinet) can pass through standard pedestrian doorways

Neil JefferyBecause many Australian printmakers are very remote from our workshop [5000 miles by road in some cases] and because many presses are installed in private studios, it is essential the presses be light for transport and easy to install. These requirements have been successfully addressed by our design efforts in the last 20 years.

Neil Jeffery is a professional mechanical designer with experience in power transformers, dust collectors and roller die cutting presses. He has developed etching press designs for 50 years, using contemporary materials and manufacturing methods.

Other press sizes:
Our models range from 18” to 34”. The sizes suit the paper formats most used by educational institutions and printmakers. The press pictured shows typical Enjay features..

Please visit our Australian website, enjaypresses.com.au. to view whole range.


How we ship and deliver Enjay etching presses to UK and Singapore

The international transport organizations we use are Pack & Send International and TNT International. The price we quote delivers the press to the business address you nominate in the United Kingdom or Singapore with all costs covered: including packing, air transport, duty, VAT/GST and insurance. The quoted price will only be varied if the currency conversion rate changes by more than 5% from £0.55/AU$1.00 or S$1.00/ AU$1.00 after the press is ordered.

Shipment happens about 3 weeks following receipt of your order and payment, subject to stock availability. The projected shipment date will be advised in our written quotation.

You can trust Enjay Etching Presses

We have an unblemished record of honesty and competence. You can check this by contacting any of the contact people shown on enjaypresses.com.au (Enjay's Australian website). These contact people are not employees or shareholders of Enjay Presses P/L. Rather, as professional printmakers of renown in Australia, they have endorsed our products and our reputation by associating their names with us. They all have independent websites.

To order your etching press

Request a written quotation. Our quotation will explain the step-by-step procedures.

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